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Praise for Dispatches from the Cowgirl

The writing and storytelling of Dispatches From the Cowgirl by Julie Tully is so strong and riveting that I was only able to set the book down once before fully devouring it. Tully’s love for all of her “homes” fills every page, and the book acts as a love letter to Africa. It was a delight to read and left me wanting to take an international flight.

Kim Orendor

author of Unbound Feet: Finding Freedom In Communist China

The first and most obvious thing to strike the reader about this book is the quality of the writing. It’s way, way above what you’d expect of a first-book personal memoir. So much so that after a few pages, I’m ashamed to say that I looked back at the small print to see if a professional ghostwriter had been involved, but no, it’s all her own…she writes like a self-confident pro, with the ease, sparkle and authority I associate with the big people in our genre; I won’t cite names, you’ll know some of them. An engaging delight from start to finish. I do hope this author produces another book before too long.

Raphael Wilkins

author of Accidental Traveler and An Educational Journey

Funny, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and full of oh-so-familiar themes for the military spouse, Julie’s story will take you around Africa and make it feel like your home too. What a gorgeous adventure!

Samantha Otto Brown

author of Sub Wife: A Memoir From The Homefront

Author Julie Tully pulls back the curtain on what it’s like to be the wife of diplomat living in Africa. With so much written about diplomats, attaches, and ambassadors, Tully fills an important void in telling the story of the vital spouses that form the foundation of life overseas.

5-star Amazon Review

cover of Julie Tully's book Dispatches from the Cowgirl with an image of boots, a palm tree, and a truck driving on a rustic road and the subtitle "through the looking glass with a Navy Diplomat's wife" and "a memoir"

Dispatches from the Cowgirl is an engaging read from beginning to end. In letters written to family and friends, Tully showed them, in vivid detail, places they would most likely never see. Tully explains, “I am a girl of the land who married a man of the sea.” From her perspective, she writes of extraordinary events and everyday life during her time as a military spouse in Africa. In a world where diplomacy is key, Julie, in her cowboy boots, charms the embassy staff and foreign diplomats in every assignment with her genuine demeanor.

Nancy Panko

for the Military Writers Society of America

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